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2020-06-30 09:19:23

Not one of these have played Madden nfl. Open the license is good. Is $$$. Madden makes a ton of money, and the nfl makes money off of It without having to Mut 20 coins do anything.I mean they do not even let any cable businesses carry NFL Sunday ticket when they could easily double what they're making now. I don't think it's just about $$$. They have an obsession with making their brand look like its a premium.Just look in that their TV advertisers are. It is all high end cars/trucks and dick pills. Their target market is elderly men.

I think They do not care lol. I don't think a bunch of millionaires and billionaires give a fuck about simulation game soccer. They don't need a movie game and do this shit in real life. The simple fact that the championship has been won with a Punter in QB and they re-upped a couple weeks for 5 years solidifies that. The NFL cares about dollar signs. I doubt we see another simulation style football match. People hate on 2k, but their attention to detail is fucking amazing. EA polishes their turd of a slot machine and gradually siphoned enough features to create you think.maybe next year is going to be better.

Just remember, if you purchase Madden nfl every year and whine about it being bad, you're part of the issue. This is a direct result of the revenue Madden generates. Keep your money from EA's pocket and perhaps change can happen. Buying Madden nfl contributes to the problem a little, but it's a drop in the bucket. I know what you are saying, but do not undervalue the significance of real units sold. It is still something companies look to evaluate how a match performed in the market.

There's been enormous change in the market over the last ten years and there's a good deal of recognition of post-sale income as a profit metric, although it is. There's a reason so many series find themselves. Industry heads have learned that unit sales are no longer king. Yeah. That is why I expect as being underage gambling legal matters are looked into. That is a matter that needs to be taken care of within states. I disagree with the idea from a legal standpoint, as I'm a strong proponent, but in almost willing to compromise my principles to see EA in this case.

Now I'm sad, although I was happy. This really is a terrible setback for football fans that need a simulation game. While 2K is even more predatory with their MTs, I could at least say, everything in their entire game is better than single facet of cheap Madden nfl 20 coins madden. I meanthe dude just won the tournament with a punter in QB running stretches every play. Fuck off madden.

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