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The Techniques Behind the Application of Eyeshadow Like a Professional

OR, when you look in the mirror, do you ever wonder what eyeshadow look or colors would look the most attractive on your eyes? In addition, you will receive professional makeup advice to assist you in finally mastering the ideal eyeshadow application method for your particular eye shape, as well as a list of recommended tools, instructions for using those tools, and the best eyeshadow colors to enhance your eyes like a makeup artist. In addition, you will receive this information in a downloadable PDF.

Let's get started.

I have an obligation to be honest with you, so please know that I won't lie to you. These makeup tutorials that can be found on YouTube are highly addictive and should be avoided at all costs. In addition to being a reliable wellspring of creative ideas, I consider them to be a valuable resource in their own right. Let's get started! When discussing cosmetics, there are a few terms relating to the eyes that must unavoidably be brought up. These terms are required to be mentioned.

The Skull of the Head

1. The brow region of the eye is the area that is immediately below the eyebrows and contains the bony prominence that is referred to as the brow bone

2.  This part of the eye is called the brow region

3.  Because this area contains one of the high points that should be highlighted, OEM eyeshadow pattle is frequently referred to as "The Highlight area

7. " This is because the highlight should be applied here

8.  This is because high points are typically drawn attention to with highlighter pens, which is why it is relevant here

9.  This is a mistake due to the fact that it is essential to bring attention to the brow bone

10.  This is an error that is committed by a great deal of people

11.  We want to add a pop of highlight, but we don't want to emphasize the brow bone any further than we already have to because doing so will make the rest of the eye appear smaller

12.  When you are in a scenario such as this one, the most effective way to highlight the brow bone is to apply a thin line of highlighter just below the eyebrows, but stop short of bringing it all the way down to the rest of the eyelid

This will give the illusion that the highlighter is floating above the eyelid. This comprehensive guide offers a greater level of detail regarding the most helpful eye makeup tips and tricks for people who have hooded eyes. It can be found below.

A wrinkle

The crease is the fold or line that separates the movable part of the eyelid from the stationary part of the eyelid. It is located in the middle of the eyelid.

Finding the crease of the eye can be challenging for individuals who have monolid eyes or hooded eyes. These conditions make it more difficult to see the natural crease. A common trick used by professionals is to create what is referred to as a fake crease in the same location as the real crease, which results in the appearance of larger eyes and a crease that is more clearly defined. This is accomplished by creating what is known as a "false crease" in the same location as the real crease.


The eyelid is the movable part of the eye that is located directly below the crease. It covers the white portion of the eye. It is worn so that it covers the white of the eye. In addition to that, this is further segmented into the inner corner and the outer corner. Case in pointTo make your eyes appear larger and more awake, you should apply lighter shades to the inner corner of your eyes, particularly if they are set relatively close together. This will give the impression that your eyes are wider apart. If you do wear glasses, this is an especially important consideration.

Outer Corner

The area of the eyelid known as the "outer corner" is the one that is situated closest to the hairline and is furthest from the pupil. It is also known as the "corner of the eye."This area of the eye is also known as the outer V. The reason for this is that in order to perform certain eye makeup techniques, you are required to imagine an upside-down V in the corner of your eye that is located between the cut crease and the lash line. This is the reason why this area of the eye is also known as the outer V. It is common practice to deepen this area, particularly by employing the technique known as the inverted V, and dark shades work exceptionally well when applied to this part of the face. Citation needed Citation needed Citation needed Citation needed Citation needed Cit

You are able to apply eyeliner (typically pencil eyeliner) on both the upper and lower waterlines; however, you should take additional precautions because this region of the eye is extremely sensitive. Although you are able to apply eyeliner on both the upper and lower waterlines, you should use pencil eyeliner. If you want to draw attention to your eyes while retaining a more natural appearance, you should try using a pencil eyeliner in a beige or white color.

The following piece of advice may seem obvious, but it is essential to remember that you should never apply powder eyeshadow to your waterline. This rule applies to both eyeshadow and eyeliner. This is a sensitive area, and improper application of eyeliner pencils, even those that are designed specifically for this use, can cause the skin to become irritated or even lead to infections if they are not used in the correct manner if they are not used in the correct manner.

These are the ducts for the tears.

The tear duct gets its name from its location in the inner corner of the eye, which is also where it can be found. This region of the eye is moist and produces tears. Always make sure that the tear duct is highlighted; as a result, you can add a cute finishing touch to your eye makeup look by applying either a shimmer light shade or your highlighter to this area. This will give your eyes a more awake and awakened appearance.


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