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MMOWOW | The Ultimate League of Legends Champion Joy Guide

League of Legends brings a mix of delight and despair when certain champions appear on the battlefield. Malzahar and Kassadin prompt strong emotions in the players, sparking discussions as to which champions bring the most and least joy when encountered.

Soraka's Healing Touch
The presence of Soraka on the team invokes joy for many, thanks to her valuable healing abilities that turn the tide of battle. Players appreciate the utility and support she provides, making her a cherished asset on the battlefield.

Toxic Champions and Players
Champions like Zed and certain sword wielders often come with negative connotations, as their players are perceived as toxic and disruptive. Their presence can dampen the enjoyment of the game, affecting team dynamics and overall satisfaction.

Joy in Unexpected Picks
Players find joy in unconventional choices, such as Amumu in the Jungle, whose impactful ultimates transcend early game struggles, offering hope for victory in the late game. These timeless picks bring a sense of reassurance and confidence to the team.

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