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MMOWOW | How to Counter the Best 10 Brawlers In Brawl Stars

Key Takeaways:

Lily: Position yourself wisely and expect her gadget; Frank is a strong counter.

Frank: Colette is the best counter; Primo and Lou are also effective.

Draco: Tanks and stun mechanics work well; Cordelius and Charlie can interrupt his super.

Barry: Meta Brawlers dominate him; tanks are especially effective due to his limited burst potential.

Countering Meg:

Meg can be countered by high damage dealers like Colette, Bea, and Gale. Their range and damage output make it difficult for Meg to compete in a 1v1 scenario. Tanks can also overwhelm her with their superior HP.

Counter Strategies for Kit and Angelo:

When facing Kit, focus on early game aggression to prevent him from charging his super. Cordelius, Charlie, and RTI are effective counters. Against Angelo, Max, Draco, and throwers like Sprout can apply pressure and disrupt his healing.

Countering Byron:

To counter Byron, get up close and take him down quickly. Piper, Buzz, and Mortis are strong assassins that can shred through his HP. Utilize their abilities to close the gap and secure the kill.

With these counter strategies in mind, youll be better equipped to tackle the top Brawlers in the game. Practice these techniques and watch your win rate soar!

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