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PSO2 started to some underwhelming results in May on PC

Outfits from the Sega Legacy collection are on PSO2 Meseta sale. If you want to see every thing available, you can check the official site. Be quick if you discover the collection will only be at 11 PM PDT.

PSO2 started to some underwhelming results in May on PC. The launch was marred by problems, many of which may be tracked back into the launcher. Those problems aside, we also didn't feel that Phantasy Star Online 2 was completely worth the wait. Our 6/10 review mentioned its interface and lack of content. It's still worth a play for Phantasy fans and those with a great deal of time to kill -- if you can afford to not pull your hair out because of it's horrible Windows 10 launcher. Phantasy Star Online 2 is free to play on the Windows 10 shop. Great luck.

Phantasy Star Online 2: Windows 10 Launch

How can I download this if I based? Can't find it nor can not download it from the shop web. No true EU launching then? Not going to touch it unless you will find EU servers, my internet is bad enough without crossing an ocean.I have not tested this completely on the NA version but it should be the same as the Japanese edition. Your ping to server for real gameplay should not matter and only menus might be due to ping. Towards the top of my head I feel those menus are usually your decorative menus in cash store salon and stuff like this (though even with 200-300 ping to host you won't notice menu lag).

If you play with a person who is very much from you the only time you'll have issues is the in game cases are peer to peer. So if you and friends play from EU you won't notice much lag. Having said that since Microsoft is handling the supply to NA all purchase information goes outside the window as you need to locate ways to make payments. It's a bit of a hassle if you're not in NA lol, to give them money. Apparently its peer to peer based during actual combat, so ping shouldnt be an issue if you play with other eu players.

We should not need to do this in the first place. I was excited about trying PSO2 out but I am not going through extra steps because they simply decided to release in NA. Server location won't matter except for a few menu stuff/actually sucking up loot drops. Neither of buy meseta pso2 those things mattered in any way in any substantial way when I was playing on JP (from EU), so it likely won't even be evident playing NA out of EU. I straight up can not get controls to operate on the PC model, despite my controllers working for everything.


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