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EA introduced X Factor abilities into its Madden 21

buy madden nfl 21 coins Aaron Donald has been one of the most consistently dominant players in the NFL for the last few years which is reflected in his Madden ratings. He’s in the 99 Club for the fourth year in a row earning a 99 overall rating again in “Madden NFL 21.”

Last year in an attempt to make the NFL’s star players stand out EA introduced X-Factor abilities into its Madden franchise. Debuting in Madden 20 only the league’s elite players were designated as “X-Factors” and as such received special in-game abilities that could be activated by meeting a conditional. Triggering the condition would unlock the ability granting the player a special boost to a specific area of the game. X-Factors will once again be returning in Madden 21 with some new and some updated abilities for players.

The NFL 100 players even started with their X-Factors meaning the first play you could max protect and throw long for Randy Moss and get a guaranteed chunk play.

Donald is the only player with the “Blitz” ability and is one of just 14 defenders with superstar abilities in “Madden NFL 21.” With this X-factor and a 99 overall rating madden nfl 21 coins for sale you can bet Donald will be in the backfield often – whether you’re the one using him or if you’re playing against him.

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