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I wouldn't want individuals who are too great in the game

I have no clue what's happening but I'm enjoying it. Oh lord this made me stay on shitter as long. (I wrote a calculator for all those hint juggling chances some time back, though still assuming equally likely clues. I had him in a 35% chance of a casket in a RS gold 16 hour grind, and he did a number of these )Source that clue steps aren't equally likely?Unhealthy game. Cool, but why? At least there was a item to obtain or ability to grind, this seemed the. He put himself risk to his health, and is closer to beating on his goal. Because it is just as relevant might do clue next.

Cast at it. He wanted to get it done and it was fun. That's sufficient for me. "Can you conquer the theater of blood","Would you do a moderate clue scroll? "To a man who does not play its the same thing. I mean that he points out in the start of the video that he needs to kill all of those vampires for melee stats and rubies and kwuarms. He actually did not go much out of his way to the clue. Melee stat profits you nonce.

Is he going to build a team? Or is the theater a solo?He's moving in with a bunch of ultimateironmen fellow people that are restricted to the supplies swampman has gathered. Did he announce the team yet? I hope he picks a range of seasoned and comical people. I wouldn't be shocked if boaty was at the group given his assortment of experience with tob. Hope woox is in. I wouldn't want individuals who are too great in the game. It would feel fairly anticlimactic when he ended up getting carried hard you know?Imagine woox just soloing ToB in swampmans gear before swampman has to try it.

Most of us know that swamp guy is great, what do we say about runecrafting? What happens when he selects two med hints at once?The game does not let you pick 2 of the same difficulty clue scrolls up at once. You can't pick up 2 in the exact same time, which is why he keeps dropping them. Swamppert always good .

Avatar Intro but it's RuneScape

Only the Avatar, master of all four different spells, could stop them, however when his clan wanted him most, he obtained ice hockey barraged. Although his PKing abilities are great, he has a great deal to learn before he's ready to pwn anyone. "I bet you can't even cast Wind Strike! ''``Yes, yes I could. " This made me geek. Accurate af. Lol. Missed many meme chances. Very unfortunate. . . I will wake up from a buy RuneScape gold nightmare of getting enticed 50 years from now and hear that sfx within my brain daily.


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